Spanner Crabs


Spanner crabs ( Ranina ranina) inhabit coastal waters along the east coast of Australia, from Yeppoon in Queensland to Nowra on the south coast of New South Wales. There is also a population to the north of Perth in Western Australia. Spanner crabs prefer sandy habitat to depths of more than 100 metres, but may be found in a number of environments, from sheltered bays to surf zones.

The spanner crab is red/orange in colour with some small white spots on the top of the carapace. Their claws are large and inward facing. Unlike other crabs, which move in a sideways motion, spanner crabs move forwards and backwards precio tadalafil generico.

Claudio’s Seafood purchases Spanner Crabs from Ceas. Ceas, based on the picturesque Sunshine Coast in Queensland, is the largest Spanner Crab producer in Australia.

The company holds the majority of the quota licence for the entire fishery, which ensures a more consistent supply and superior product than anywhere else.

Ceas is a family owned and operated business by Neville and Helen Rockliff. They are originally from Tasmania where the Rockliff Family is world renowned for its seafood and aquaculture ventures. The Spanner Crab fishery is the first in Australia to be recognised as a sustainable fishery.

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