The Australasian snapper or silver seabreamPagrus auratus, is a species of porgie found in coastal waters of Philippines, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia; its distribution areas in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are disjunct.[3] Although it is almost universally known in New Zealand and Australia as snapper, it does not belong to the Lutjanidae family of snappers.

It is highly prized as an eating fish.

Found on all coasts of New Zealand, especially in the north. In Australia, it is found along the south coast, mainly near Kiama, Berry, Gerringong, Gerroa, Huskisson, Vincentia, and Shoalhaven. It is also found on the coast of Tasmania, but in smaller numbers. The fish spawn in inshore waters and live in rocky areas and reefs of up to 200 m deep. They school, and will migrate between reefs. Larger fish are known to enter estuaries and harbours, for example Port Phillip Bay has a renowned seasonal snapper run


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