Fish and Green Bean Salad

Fish & Green Bean Salad

* 4 Portions of fish (e.g. Tuna, Swordfish, Marlin, Kingfish, Mahi Mahi, Atlantic Salmon etc)
* 300g green beans
* 250g cherry tomatoes, cut in half
* 16 kalamata olives
* 1 small red onion finely sliced
* � cup of small basil leaves
* 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice
* 2 tablespoons olive oil

Trim beans and par-boil for 1 minute, rinse under cold water to cool then drain.
Combine green beans, tomatoes, olives, red onion, basil leaves, olive oil and vinegar in a bowl, toss gently.
Pan fry or grill portions of fish. Allow fish to cool slightly then break fish up into small chunks.
Combine fish chunks with salad and serve.