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Petuna brand Tasmanian Ocean Trout is the most high-end farmed salmonid available. This fish has a stunning appearance with a shape like a small torpedo, a relatively small head and a black-spotted silver hide, replete with pink racing stripe. Beneath this fine exterior Tasmanian Ocean Trout has bright crimson-cherry colored flesh, which fades to a pale peach, Omega-3 loaded belly portion (the most coveted cut for sashimi). This paler belly is full of inter-muscular fat and is so well-marbled it resembles an aquatic Wagyu at times.

Petuna Ocean Trout is only farmed in Tasmania. This location has the perfect attributes to raise Ocean Trout to peak condition, including cold water which washes up from Antarctica, zero pollution, and a rich natural blend of tannins and saltwater. The location of Petuna’s sea pens is the Macquarie Harbor, which is surrounded by the Wild Rivers National Park. The surrounding weathered peaty soil enriches the waters of the bay with these tannins and they act as a natural antibacterial and antiviral so there is no chance of disease and no need for antibiotics or artificial inputs of any type for the fish levitra de 20 mg.

The entire life-cycle of Tasmanian Ocean Trout is controlled by Petuna, so quality and food-safety is exceptional, with full traceability and adherence to the highest standard of aquaculture practices. Every individual fish is grown, fed, harvested and processed under the strictest conditions and as a result the quality of this product is stellar.

Tasmanian Ocean Trout is one of the most sought after items with chefs trying to emulate the success that Wakuda Tetsuya has had with his Confit of Petuna Ocean Trout recipe. Tetsuya’s restaurant in Sydney is one of the world’s top 5 restaurants and this is his signature dish. For a fish so high in Omega-3 the flesh has an impressive firmness to it, which allows versatility in a number of dishes and cuisines. It compares favorably to salmon and with a taste that is both milder and richer at the same time, we are yet to meet anyone who does not rate this as one of their top fish. When asking for it by name – remember, it has to be Tasmanian or it’s not the real thing.

Information sourced from Petuna


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