Alfonsino belong to the Berycidae family, and have a brilliant scarlet red body, with silver-tinged sides. They are renowned for their large eyes with a very opaque lens, giving them an ‘into-oblivion’ appearance. They are an incredibly aesthetic fish and a real treat to have grace one’s table.

Alfonsino are a deep-sea species, found in waters 600-1500 feet (183-457 meters) . They live near the ocean floor but often rise up to mid-water at night to feed.

As their Latin name suggests, they truly are a splendid creature and their appearance is matched only by their taste. One of the most in-demand fish we carry, they are prized in high-end Asian and fine dining establishments.

Alfonsino have a very sweet, rich flavor, with the flesh being super high in minerals, nutrients and Omega-3 oils. The fillets are short and deep, tapering sharply and have a light pink color, with a firm texture and medium flake.

Image and information sourced from Lee Fish


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